The OXO Multicharger is a Shipshape Port to Power Up

 - Oct 31, 2011
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There might be more benefits to establishing a routine when it comes to keeping your gadget batteries full, and the OXO Multicharger is the ideal device to support this system. With this clever contraption, your risks of misplacing your charging cables and forgetting to juice up your cellphone are greatly reduced.

The OXO Multicharger is basically a box with a retractable lid, containing three bi-directional sockets for different cords, compartments to keep wires from tangling. This sort of electronic would come to be kept in a fixed location, at its most convenient on a bedside table, a desk, in the kitchen or next to the front door of your home. Connecting your smartphone or your iPod to the docking station would then become an unforgettable part of your daily routine.