The RCA USB Wall Plate Can Conveniently Charge Gadgets Directly

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: rcaaudiovideo & lifehacker
It can be frustrating that many electronics come only with cords for connecting them to your computer, making it necessary for you to go out and buy a wall charger with an adapter or remain satisfied with your PC as your gadget's sole battery booster. The RCA USB Wall Plate makes it a little easier to keep your devices powered up by allowing you to turn any domestic socket into a USB hookup.

Mimicking the length and width of a typical switch plate, this handy techie accessory is a couple of centimeters deeper to accommodate the insertion of cable prongs and two universal serial bus drives. The back of the converter has a single North American plug, which essentially turns the RCA USB Wall Plate into a disguised power strip.