From Terrible Typeface Defence Blogs to Furious Font Monologues

 - Jul 31, 2012
For years, Comic Sans has been the punchline for many typography-related jokes, but love for the goofy typeface has spawned some eye-catching products and tributes.

For instance, there is a Tumblr titled ‘Comic Sans Project’ which features images that replace the font of popular logos with the often scoffed-at typeface. The operators of that blog meticulously recreate each logo with immense fidelity, and to many viewers’ surprise, some company emblems are actually improved by Comic Sans.

Then there are Internet parody videos that personify the underdog font and deliver motivational monologues as to why Comic Sans is still worthwhile despite being pedestrian and less artistic than its peers.

Other products Comic Sans has infiltrated include t-shirts, fake periodic tables and even personality tests.