- Aug 11, 2011
Whether it be color-melting mammals or rainbow-sprinkled critters, animal sculptures are a big thing right now. Artists are coming up with a variety of concepts to integrate animal shapes into their sculptural designs.

Amidst all these animal sculptures, the color-melting mammals are certainly my personal favorite; I however also have a soft spot for the upcycled animal sculptures. Any of these sculptural creations would work well in either the home or potentially an office setting. Definitely some unique creations in the pack.

Implications - Consumers identify with animals in a unique way because of the virtues that they each represent. Companies like Telus have effectively used animals as part of their branding strategy. Companies looking to appeal to a wide array of consumers should consider making their mascot an animal.

From Color-Melting Mammals to Rainbow-Sprinkled Critters: