Anne Lemanski Produces Art with a Strong Message

 - Mar 10, 2011
References: annelemanski & annelemanski
Artist Anne Lemanski produces labor-intensive sculptures by using materials that can be sewn in order to make these life-sized pieces. Though her assembly methods are time consuming, her meticulous handwork are what ensures that her sculptures come to life as they do.

When first viewing a sculpture, one may question what is used in order to make the 'skin' or 'hides' of the animals. The artist uses a vast amount of materials and experimenting with the different materials keeps her motivated and inspired. Common examples of materials used include leather, vintage paper, fabrics, vinyl, and photographs. One of Anne Lemanski's favorite materials to use at the moment is Rowlux, a metallic plastic often used on electric guitars and drums.

Copper rod is fashioned together in order to form the skeleton of the sculpture and then the 'hide' is added. Anne Lemanski's animal work carries environmental symbolism. Check out the large red bull in the photo gallery and its message regarding the use of bovine hormone in food production.