From Retro Color Block Booties to Primary Colored Pictorials

 - Nov 18, 2011
I cannot think of a fashion trend in recent history that better exemplifies how fashion can be easy, yet chic; glamorous, yet still approachable, as much as color blocking fashions.

This is certainly not a new look, but this year it is back and bigger than ever. The look is back in full force and can be found everywhere from the pages of Vogue to street style blogs, and even in your own home town. Take a look around and I'm sure you'll find someone rocking color-blocking fashions.

The look is easy to recreate: simply combine two or more contrasting colors (solids, not prints) in an outfit. If color isn't really your think, the same effect can be achieved with muted colors like black, white, nude and gray.

Check out this gallery of color-blocking fashions for some style inspiration.