From All-Access Photo Volumes to Beautiful Bloody Publications

 - Feb 27, 2012
These kooky coffee table books are sure to keep your guest lingering over their java. There are few things better than reclining with a cup of coffee while musing over beautiful thoughts and a few beautiful things. If you have a need for aesthetic bliss and caffeinated relaxation, I'm willing to bet you have an impressive selection of vibrant coffee table books. The perfect way to liven up any surface and celebrate your interests, a coffee table book serves as a springboard to lucid dreaming.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of coffee table books to choose from. Take in the sight of a technicolor flock of vibrant birds, or freak yourself out by finding out what that sultry voice you pay through the nose to listen to actually looks like, all without ever leaving the couch. Whatever you're into, there is a coffee table book to suit every situation.

Make your guests laugh, cry and muse all over a nice cuppa.