The Northern Women in Chanel Book Has Stylish Pieces in Bare Landscapes

The new Northern Women in Chanel book from Farago Publishing puts on display a bevy of couture pieces with stunning landscapes. More like an experiment of travel combined with high fashion, the coffee table book reveals more than just stylish pieces.

Ingela Klemetz-Farago styled the book while traveling with her photographer husband Peter Farago across the Arctic plains and forests. They carried the Chanel pieces to be shot for the book in a suitcase for the duration of their adventure. Capturing about 300 different looks, the Northern Women in Chanel book celebrates the "ethereal models of Scandinavian and Baltic descent, many of whom have played muse to creative director Karl Lagerfeld," according to Vogue.

The Northern Women in Chanel book definitely breathes a breath of fresh air among the at times stuffy high fashion sphere.

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