From Machete Ice Tea Ads to Animated Evolution Advertising

 - Nov 2, 2011
If you followed the harrowing adventures of Gumby and Pokey with intense interest, then these clever claymation creations are sure to spark your curiosity. Often used as an alternative to classic animation, claymation found a home in child-centric programming before the advent of digital characters. This art form inspires an instantaneous sense of nostalgia in those who were once enamored with the exploits of such characters as Wallace and Gromit and Jack Skeleton.

Since this art form exudes a certain allure to consumers whose childhoods predate Pixar, more and more advertisers are looking to claymation as a method of creating a lasting impact. Artists flock to this moldable form of film making as a means to harness near-total creative control over their projects. With so much to offer to the creative community, claymation holds such a coveted position in the hearts and minds of art lovers everywhere.

Equipped with a strong foothold in popular culture, these clever claymation creations have the power to win over viewers with a single frame.