ClearlySo is a Website Connecting Investors and Enterprises

 - Oct 29, 2010
ClearlySo is a website that brings together social businesses, enterprises, innovators and investors. Rodney Schwartz is the CEO and Founder of ClearlySo, which grew out of the venture capitalist firm Catalyst Fund Management & Research, and eventually launched in 2008 under the name of

The idea for ClearlySo came about somewhat in a reaction to the recession and the immense changes that it produced both in the economy, and in people’s mindsets. By giving innovators free information, ClearlySo is recession-friendly. What’s more, people are now more than ever realizing that we need a change in how the economy functions. People are becoming more and more aware of the reality that social business is the way we need to go in the future, a route that isn’t simply profit-oriented like it has been in the decades past.

ClearlySo has many functions including raising awareness and visibility of small and lesser-known social businesses, acting as a marketplace that connects social businesses and investors, a source of information for anyone looking for knowledge on social entrepreneurship, and a networking site where people can meet others and make vital connections.

Where did the name come from? The ‘Clearly’ in ClearlySo signifies an emphasis on the values of transparency, pragmatism and honesty, while the ‘So’ marks the social aspect of the website. As a tool that everyone in the social entrepreneurship and social business arenas can use, ClearlySo is helping social innovators realize their potential while at the same time raising awareness on the possibility of alternative business models.

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