Bridges Ventures is a Venture Capital Company with a Social Aim

 - Oct 19, 2010
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Bridges Ventures is a private investment company based in London, England that uses its funds toward social and/or environmental ends, while at the same time realizing financial returns for its investors.

Bridges Ventures has an extensive social mission that is outlined by two important company documents: the Ethical Charter and the Responsible Investment Policy. What Bridges Ventures does goes way beyond corporate social responsibility, as every company detail is grounded in having a social impact. Bridges Ventures has three different kinds of fund under management, each with its own social goal: Venture Funds, Sustainable Property Fund, and Social Entrepreneurs Fund. The Bridges Social Entrepreneurs Fund seeks to support fast-growing social enterprises looking to scale so that their social change can be utilized to the best of its ability.

In terms of its regeneration impact, many of its goals include fighting unemployment and enhancing the community by putting money back in to the local economy. Bridges Ventures’ sustainability impact is divided into four different categories: environment, education, health, and community and disadvantaged groups. Many of the venture funds invest in under-financed businesses in inner-city neighborhoods in the United Kingdom. Investments are screened so that regeneration is made available to the 25 percent of the U.K. population that is the most deprived, which is measured according to the Government’s Index of Multiple Deprivation.

Last year, Bridges Ventures released the Social Impact Report 2009, which is an extensive analysis of the results of its social impact in different areas, its methodology and various case studies. This level of transparency is vital for both investors and social entrepreneurs involved with Bridges Ventures.

By providing venture capital for businesses that are creating positive social change, Bridges Ventures opens the doors to business looking to change the community around them.

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