From Sour Citrus Chips to Lime-Filled Cream Cookies

 - Jul 21, 2015
These citrus snack innovations range from sour lemon chips to lime-filled cream cookies that will appeal to fans of zesty flavoring. While citrus is a staple of healthy cocktails, refreshing summer beverages and light dessert recipes, the antioxidant is also emerging in the snacking scene and is replacing traditional ingredients like potatoes and berry fruits.

Whether taking the place of salt -- Calbee's Asian snack seasons classic potato chips with sour lemon flavoring -- or deconstructing a classic yogurt snack into a healthier alternative, citrus blends fresh taste with nutrition.

While pre-packaged citrus snacks like gummy candies and sodas are household names for many, unexpected products like zesty potato chips and pie-flavored ice creams illustrate the popular ingredients' evolution in recent years.