- Feb 13, 2013
Whether it's Christmas, New Year's Eve or any other special holiday, popping open a bottle of champagne is one of the most exhilarating parts about it, and these enticing champagne bottles are sure to attract anyone looking to celebrate with some bubbly booze.

Champagne is widely recognized as a type of alcoholic beverage commonly associated with special holidays and celebrations, and if you're looking to go big this Valentine's Day, then these tantalizing champagne bottles will certainly do the trick. These alluring bottles are each unique in their design, packaging and taste, and no matter what occasion you're looking to celebrate, these delicious alcoholic beverages will certainly start it off on the right foot.

From champagnes that feature luxurious gold flakes in them to those that are romantically packaged, these attractive-looking bottles are a great way to commemorate any event.

For Those Looking to Pop Open Some Bubbly This Valentine's Day: