From Night Vision Security Cameras to Pocket-Sized Camcorders

 - Jan 11, 2016
These CES 2016 photography innovations range from high-quality security cameras that help consumers keep an eye on their property to pocket-sized camcorders for individuals who want to capture every moment.

One of the most interesting innovations at CES 2016 was the advancement of consumer-grade security cameras. As consumers become increasingly concerned with home security, brands have made an effort to offer more high-quality camera options. Indeed, some of the latest models showcased at CES boast features such as 360 degree field of view, night vision and 4K video monitoring.

Of course, there are many consumers who see photography as more of a hobby than a home security solution. As a result, a number of significant CES 2016 photography innovations cater to hobbyists. For example, there are durable 4K action cams for the modern adventurer, color-coated digital cameras for fashion-forward photographers and high-performance phone lenses for those who prefer to use their smartphone.