From Organic Cartoon Plushies to Misbehaving Cartoons

 - Jul 31, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Everyone loves cartoons, most likely because there's something out there for everyone. This collection of cartoon crazes will have you furiously sketching your own designs -- or maybe just dreaming up hilarious satirical cartoon strips in your head. From organic cartoon plushies to misbehaving cartoons, get your cartoon on!

Implications - They're loud, colorful, comedic and a huge part of pop culture, but why are cartoons so beloved? Some animated characters have done so much as taught children to count (such as Barney, Blues Clues, etc.) while others have impacted the world by shedding light on touchy political subjects (like Family Guy). For these reasons and many more, toons will always manifest themselves in art, pop culture, fashion and even gadgets.