From Geometric Diorama Rings to Webby Leggings

 - Jun 28, 2011
Women have long observed that style and comfort may not always go hand in hand, especially if caged couture creations like these are involved. While many fashion designs are built to be wearable and comfortable, these restricted looks are far from that.

Caged couture creations like these are meant to suck in, restrain and uphold specific shapes and sizes all in the name of fashion. The invention of the corset may be observed as one of the first restriction-focused fashion pieces, however these cage creations take it one step further with designs like 'brass vests' and 'latex cage dresses.' These caged couture creations certainly test how far fashionistas will go in the name of fashion.

Implications - While hybrid designs that merge style and comfort may be popular within mass culture, restricting designs like these cage creations are better for achieving a high fashion look within product packaging or advertising campaigns.