From Contemporary Boutique Gyms to Car Dealership Spas

 - May 25, 2015
From boutique gyms that take decor inspiration from Soho House clubhouses to paid music streaming services that promise lossless audio files, luxurious experiential perks serve to entice members when the act of being a member alone is enough of a status symbol.

Looking for memory-making benefits to offer customers, businesses and brands seek to create one-of-a-kind tangible experiences that engage the senses rather than mere proof of membership. Essentially, individual consumers are looking to experience something that money can't directly buy.

Given the shrinking size of the middle class, some would say that all brands have become luxury brands, and similarly, that all memberships have become luxury memberships. This expanded definition of luxury combined with a predisposition toward exclusive experiential perks has led to the emergence of high-end clubs that offer niche experiences targeted to a certain individual.