MIWA is a Japanese Cultural Club in Paris Founded by Fumihiko Sano

 - Apr 8, 2015
References: dezeen & retaildesignblog.net
Founded by Japanese architect Fumihiko Sano, MIWA is a membership-based club in Paris dedicated to the cultural practice of origata, the decorative and ceremonial gift wrapping.

Members of MIWA meet at the Japanese cultural club and participate in gift wrapping and exchanging ceremonies with other members, a process that has roots in the Shinto religion. Traditionally, the specially wrapped gifts are secured with red and white twine, the two colors representing Yin and Yang.

The MIWA club boasts a stunning wood-lined interior design including a dimly lit lobby with the single source of light directed at the flower sitting on the reception desk, which is made from a piece of 300-year-old cypress wood. Fumihiko Sano is also the founder of Studio Phenomenon.