From Flying Green to Bikini-Clad Airplanes

 - Dec 28, 2009   Updated: Jul 6 2011
Dear Airplanes, please have more room inside so my legs don't get cramped. Oh and if you could make the engines not quite as loud, I am trying to sleep. Thanks.

I don't think they will listen, but maybe if I flatter them they will. Like the 14 Boeing Bonanzas, the cluster that is, featuring everything from Flying Green to Bikini-Clad Airplanes to keep you and those airplanes happy.

Implications - Air travel was previously considered cramped, however strives have been made in order to add luxury features to flying. This change towards luxury features represents consumer's compliance towards spending more in order to receive pleasurable consumer experiences. Businesses should be aware that consumers are willing to spend more in order to receive high-end luxury features.