Home Made $230,000 Boeing 747 Flight Simulator

 - Feb 7, 2007
References: gearpilot
After 10 years and $230,000, Australian hobbyist Matthew Sheil has created his very own personal Boeing 747 flight simulator. Pop Sci tells us, "It's got real-time weather, the preflight safety lecture (recorded), air-traffic control, even Qantas Airways foodâ€"but crashing is less fatal." And is made of 13 computers that control audio, video and other processes.

PopSci made their own flight simulator, inspired by Sheil's. Their's uses Bose Companion 5 Speakers, a 42-inch Philips Ambilight LCD with superfast three- millisecond response time, Saitek X52 Pro programmable Joystick and Toggle, and uses DOS-based software and Microsoft Flight Simulator.