15 Ways To Pimp Out Your Bike For Obama's Inauguration

 - Jan 11, 2009
As you'd expect, security for President-elect Obama's Inauguration Day celebrations on January 20 will be tight. All vehicular traffic will be severely restricted heading into Washington, D.C., and a number of roads within the District itself will be shut down.

Bicycles, however, will receive a warm welcome as far as security is concerned. The Washington Area Bicyclist Association has even provided two bicycle valet parking stations for Obama's inauguration. They'll be held on the north and south ends of the Mall.

According to the AFP, bicyclists plan to swarm the Obama inauguration in a big way. They report that Ryan Bowen, a California cyclist, launched a cross-country bicycle trip in early December called "Biking for Obama" with plans of a January 20 arrival into Washington, D.C.

With so many bicycles converging in the same place on the same date, it's crucial to make yours stand out on such an historic day. Below, check out some sweet ways to pimp your two-wheeled ride for the Obama Inauguration Day ceremonies.