From Iconic Slacker Sweets to Clever Cult Film Packaging

 - Nov 12, 2011
These ingenious Big Lebowski innovations illustrate the celebrated film's unparalleled impact on popular culture. The hilarious slacker send-up has given rise to an ever-expanding band of devote Dude followers anxiously hanging on every well-timed f-bomb. This White Russian swilling group of followers have created a veritable treasure trove of Dude-approved paraphernalia.

If you can recite the words of the expert bowler Jesus more readily than you can your own address, these Big Lebowski innovations are sure to pique your interest. From a series of lovingly rendered illustrations of iconic scenes from the film to a sweet ice cream flavor spiked with the Dude's signature drink, there is something to tickle the fancy of any Coen Brothers aficionado.

The Dude abides to these hysterical Big Lebowski innovations and if you're a true blue fan, so should you.