From Cats in Berets to Pizza Berets

 - Feb 10, 2013
Beret hats usually reflect a particularly European aesthetic and are great accessories if you want to stand out in the crowd. While beanies are usually the norm in North America when it comes to winter hats, beret hats also offer coverage against the elements, but do it in a slightly more fashion forward way.

Beret hats are usually hand-knitted, flat topped hats made of wool, cotton, felt or acrylic fiber. They sit on top of your head at an angle and are decidedly asymmetrical. It is this unbalanced configuration that assists in their unique look.

Here we see both classic beret hats in several fashion editorials as well as a few funny beret hat captures. One such capture features a cat wearing a beret. You'd have to assume this is a case of the cat mimicking his or her owner rather than the other way around.