The Piers Atkison AW10 Collection is Morbid and Unforgettable

 - Apr 22, 2010
References: piersatkinson & dazeddigital
Why fuss about growing out your hair when you can own something from the Piers Atkinson AW10 collection, such as a fringe beret or headband? Better yet, when you’re living in the past throw on ‘The Morgana,’ a full-on Afro with disco-star detailing and a spear going through it.

The Piers Atkison AW10 collection, called ‘It Is Later Than You Think’ was recently launched by the London-based designer. Telling a tale of Tragedy, Despair, Murder and Redemption, the designer’s lookbook is anything but forgettable.

Check out the gallery to fully understand how crazy Atkison’s designs really are.