From Burly Bearded Runways to Dapper Tarzan Fashions

 - Nov 23, 2012
Who can resist handsome bearded men? The rugged facial hair is a glorious addition to male fashion. Whether in editorials,art or on the runway, beards add a special zest to a collection and overall appeal.

Beards are no longer grown out of laziness, but out of style. Beards have become bold and beautiful. They give men an attractive angle, an association to masculinity and an edgy allure. Beards can be long, short, well kept or unruly and regardless make a statement.

Beards are manicured during certain time periods. For example during the playoffs and exhibit a universal bond between men. Shaving off a beard can also dramatically alter a look and make an individual's style differentiated.

Regardless, bearded men are holding it down for facial lovers everywhere.