Brad Pitt by Mario Sorrenti Brings Dapper and Disarranged into One Look

The modern movie star is constantly being caught on camera in relaxed street wear with questionable hair and makeup. These professional photos of Brad Pitt by Mario Sorrenti were styled deliberately this way, fostering a humanizing image that many admirers find more relatable.

Featured in the February 2012 issue of W Magazine, this urbane editorial presents the handsome heartthrob in a dignified outfit. But the tuxedo in which Edward Enninful dressed the celebrity has been unbuttoned and adjusted for maximum comfort.

In one picture, the attractive actor looks quite debonair in his full suit, cummerbund and bow tie. But in particular, one snapshot of Brad Pitt by Mario Sorrenti captures a lonely man seeking comfort under his covers with an open box of premium crackers.