- May 24, 2013
When it comes to menswear styles, the popularity of ruggedly influenced looks is starting to increase, and these bearded fashion spreads showcases how the use of facial hair serves to create a very attractive and eye-catching appearance.

While in the past beards have been associated with being unruly and visually unappealing to the masses, nowadays young and hip males are choosing to grow beards to showcase their masculinity and ruggedness. Utilizing beards in fashion spreads and editorials serves to attract that hipster generation of individuals who are more carefree and relaxed about their style. Showcasing men with beards dressed in sleek and fitted clothing styles demonstrates that men can be both stylish and inherently masculine at the same time.

From lumberjack-inspired editorials to debonair playboy captures, these bearded fashion spreads serve to showcase the impact that facial hair has amongst males and the fashion industry.

From Bearded Woodsmen Editorials to Husky Countrymen Captures: