From Motorized Bar Stools to Liquid Metal Seating

 - May 16, 2013
Comfortable seating is important in any given situation, so why not consider these brilliant bar stool designs for your built-in bar or breakfast nook? These creative seating solutions vary from elegant and supportive to bizarre and artistic.

Aging family members will appreciate the staff-supported stool, which makes getting up and sitting down a little bit easier on folks with bad knees. However, children will likely prefer the Mouseteer bar stools, which are brightly colored and in the shape of Mickey Mouse. These unusual bar stool designs include something for everyone.

The more bizarre stool designs, like the imprisoning perch, are guaranteed to get a laugh or two from visiting friends and family.

Seating should be more than just comfortable; it should be interesting, fashionable and functional. These brilliant bar stool designs offer neat seating solution options for when you're just bumming around.