Cane & Able Seating Offers a Charming Way to Shift the Weight Off Your Feet

The Ladies & Gentlemen studio has built these adorable limited edition Cane & Able stools that amiably offer one a couple of ways to rest his legs. The lovely pine perches invite you to take a seat, unexpectedly providing incorporated walking sticks that might help you stand and sit.

A coat of white paint emphasizes the softness of the simple rustic chairs. You'll notice too that the pieces each have only three legs, contributing to their homespun eccentricity. The fourth support is actually the inclusion of a vintage staff that penetrates the seat's surface, able to double as a coat hook for jackets and hats. These found features of the Cane & Able stools infuse the furnishings with a singularity of composition and character through the unique carved quality of the prostheses.