From Photo-Snapping Sunglasses to RPG Smartwatch Games

 - Aug 27, 2016
There's an incredible amount of diversity in the August 2016 wearable technology ideas, with devices taking the form of everything from footwear and earbuds to lightweight headbands.

As well as taking many forms, these wearable devices can be used for a range of purposes, such as tracking fertility to navigation, monitoring one's laps in a swimming pool or providing a light source for personal expression and partying. An innovative system from STYR Labs is designed to measure an individual's vitamin intake and ship liquid multivitamin blends to the consumer based on their current needs.

One of the most noteworthy pieces of news related to wearable technology is that Square Enix has plans to launch an RPG game specifically for the Apple Watch. While smartwatches are often criticized for their small screens, this ultra-portable screen is exactly what Square Enix is looking to take advantage of for gaming.