From Uplifting Affirmation Art to Mountainous Dollhouses

 - Aug 16, 2012
These artistic matchbook masterpieces demonstrate the creative potential these pint-sized canvases have to offer. Everything from business cards to miniature dioramas have been created using this common hotel room takeaway.

Matchboxes and books are often made of stiff cardboard, offering the ideal surface for unleashing visual ideas. Using fine drawing pens and delicate paintbrushes, artists are fabricating detailed depictions on these pocket-sized pads. Matchbooks are also an eye-catching way to hand out credentials or invitations to events like weddings. Even advertisers see the opportunity these commonly used takeaways hold, branding them with company information and promotional details.

The origin of matchboxes date back decades ago and continue to be offered and used for a variety of purposes. Get inspired by the unparalleled creativity behind these artistic matchbook masterpieces.