The 'Matchbook Collection' by Krista Charles is Some Palm Sized Art

 - Apr 14, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
Discovery and illustration, that is what spurs artist Krista Charles to create these wonderful pieces of matchbook artwork. 'Matchbook Collections' is a series of various matchbooks that have beautifully intricate illustrations on the inside cover. After the artist has found a different matchbook, she tracks down the address of the business using Google Maps and draws what remains of the location onto the packet cover.

Sometimes the business will still be in its original location, but oft times Krista Charles will be lead to an abandoned building or newly renovated area. By using matchbooks as her canvas, Krista Charles is articulating the rapidity of change and remodeling. Just as matches have given way to lighters, so too have classic buildings been replaced by contemporary architecture.