- Jul 12, 2013
When it comes to inviting your family and friends to your wedding ceremony, creating something that will show off your distinct personality and charm is key, which is why these quirky wedding invitations are perfectly suited for any couple looking for outside-the-box ideas.

Traditionally, wedding invitations solely consisted of practical information relating to the date and time of a particular ceremony. In this modern age however, couples are utilizing these wedding invites as a way to showcase their collective interests in certain hobbies or pop culture references. These quirky wedding invitations feature all kinds of wacky designs relating to social media, fantasy television shows and even geeky gamer references.

From invites that are humorously shaped like 3D glasses to those designed in the form of comic books, these quirky wedding invitations will certainly surprise guests with its imaginative and out-of-the-ordinary designs.

From Wearable Wedding Invitations to Stop Motion Invitations: