The 'Blinkers of Love' Artistic Wedding Invitations Look Like Glasses

 - May 24, 2013
References: renatotata & adsoftheworld
Art director Renato Tata won the 2013 Greek Design Awards with his out-of-the-ordinary artistic wedding invitation composition called 'Blinkers of Love.' The invitations are printed on cut-out paper that pieces together to form a pair of wearable glasses-inspired blinkers.

Created with the notion that wedding invitations should focus solely on the joining of two lovers, Renato says the 'Blinkers of Love' will remind guests that there isn't a need for the pair "look around (left & right)" anymore because the couple is now completely "focused on each other."

These artistic wedding invitations are a simple and elegant construction that come in a fitting red and white color scheme. The guest receives the invitation in pieces with instructions, so they can have fun putting the blinkers together. Once the invitation is transformed into a pair of blinkers, the guest can enjoy wearing them around as an affectionate reminder of the couple's love.