From Chic Canine Collars to Viral Video Copycats

 - Jun 8, 2012
The furrowed expressions and dopey eyes of these wrinkly doggies will just make you wanna say "aww!" as you flip through these adorable pug photos. There is only a handful of creatures that can pull off such distinctive wrinkles.

The pug is a toy breed that has characteristic folds, short curled tails and little muzzled faces. Bred originally in the Chinese dynasty, they were popularized by the members of the British monarchy. Queen Victoria herself adored these pint-sized pooches and helped heighten their mainstream popularity. The humorous, yet melancholy demeanors make them an ideal model for products and photographs -- check out that pout.

These adorable pug photos capture the comical and charming dispositions of these cuddly canine. You will soon be convinced of why this ancient breed has developed a serious fan following -- myself included.