From Spaghetti Wieners to Pasta Skyscrapers

 - Jan 10, 2010   Updated: May 20 2011
Pasta may be the Italians' No. 1 contribution to the culinary world. But then, pizza is a serious contender for that title. Either way, pasta's awesome, and the noodle is a gift to people who eat (you know, everyone).

Check out these 35 Noodlicious Novelties, which include furniture inspired by noodles, pasta-inspired cleaning products, and even some actual edible pasta. Mangia, mangia!

Implications - From edible couture to edible business cards, the zany possibilities for noodles does not end! Branding innovations such as pasta twirling bowls and cable spaghetti camouflage have become popular to help add some pizzazz to this cupboard staple. These noodlicious novelties are truly a feast for the eyes.