31 Spring And Summer Fashions

 - Sep 15, 2008
Spring and Summer 2009 fashion trends are big on the minds of not only fashionistas but, using my own term (I think), also for couture conscious males, "fashionistos."

Women's couture features a cornucopia of asymmetrical and elegant swimsuits, satin-sheet style (featured photo from Calvin Klein at New York Fashion Week) and gypsy dresses, exquisite wedding dresses, killer pumps, and more.

There is a buffet of styles for men including "bee-striped" modern cowboy attire, floral shoes, washed-out jeans and shirts, and even wardrobe fit for a queen—a drag queen that is.

We’ve only begun our delve into the realm of 2009 couture and we already have so many choices. This has my mouth watering in anticipation for those spring and summer 2009 fashions yet to come.