From Naughty Ballerina Videography to Bloody Ballerina Shoots

 - Jul 14, 2013
Using naughty in ballet can add a whole new energy to the dance itself and these naughty ballerina features shows you exactly what I mean.

From using it in film to editorials to fashion the naughty element makes ballet all the more fun to look at. Many of the naughty looks still manage to look sensual and innocent while applying harsh ideas to it like ‘Ichor’ by Aaron McPolin’s bloody ballerina shoot. Combined with seductive poses and daring almost totally nude displays, this top list is sure to excite you. Also Dimosthenis Grivas’ Quick-Shot naughty ballerina film is an innovative video piece, full of intensity, just like the rest of these features.

I think the black swans of ballet applying the naughty element are sure to have a bigger and better response to ballet at large. Enjoy.