12 Pirate Inspired Trends

 - Nov 19, 2008
If I led in with "Argh Matey" and a scowl, would that be over the top? No? Should I go get my eye patch first? Would I convince you if I had skull and bones door handles on my bathroom cupboards? Are you convinced yet? What if I broke out my pirate play set and delved into my new book "How to Raise Pirates"? Regardless, the new attention being paid to pirates is a perfect example of art imitating life, imitating art. Anyone who is reluctant to believe this need only ask Johhny Depp what he thinks.

The media has been reporting a surge of pirate attacks near the coast of Somalia, Africa (yes, Sarah Palin, Somalia is a country within the continent of Africa.)  While Indian warships are blowing the pirate hijackers out of the water, pirates continue to blow trends out of the water, sneaking into pop culture as quietly and efficiently as a first mate planning a mutiny. 

The recent surge in real life pirate activity is scary, comical and intriguing all at once.  A recent headline on the Drudge Report states that world leaders claim they are "powerless to act".  So what is the next logical step?  Make purses, cell phones, movies, and children’s toys.  You know, so we can understand those crazy pirates. 

Image via The Drudge Report