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Ethan Nadelmann's War on Drugs Keynote Shares a Fresh Perspective

 - Nov 13, 2014
References: youtube
Founder of the Drug Policy Alliance Ethan Nadelmann explains in his War on Drugs keynote how America is potentially doing more harm than good by backing the political movement. In response to his subversive position on the hot topic, Nadelmann suggests that governments spend more time on regulating intelligence rather than criminalizing drugs.

Nadelmann begins his engaging keynote by drawing a striking parallel between the War on Drugs and the Prohibition era. From there, Nadelmann goes on to say that governmental money is being misused to punish drugs and drug users rather than where it is needed most -- to help. "Think about our global drug war not as any national policy," Nadelmann says, "but as the international projection of a domestic psychosis."

According to Nadelmann, creating a drug-free society is nearly impossible so the focus needs to be shifted on how to safely live with them in our communities.