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The Roger Stein Medical Research Keynote Stresses New Funding Methods

 - Jan 25, 2014
References: rogermstein & youtube
Roger Stein’s medical research keynote discusses the problem of the lack of available funding for important medical research, and suggests an innovative, finance-based solution to that issue. An accomplished financial engineer and the chief analytics officer at the State Street Global Exchange, Stein used his knowledge of financing to come up with a viable funding formula that would allow many more drugs to be developed while yielding good profit at relatively low risk for the investors.

Stein’s model is essentially one ‘megafund’ that treats potential drugs as financial assets. Each stage of research that is passed will increase its financial value to investors. That money is then used to pay off interest and fund more interest.

Stein’s medical research keynote demonstrates how this megafund is a long term investment that promises and increase in medical funding and good returns on the initial investments of regular individuals look to build the organization's investment portfolios.