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DJ Patil Simplifies Analytics in This Understanding Data Keynote

 - Oct 26, 2012
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DJ Patil is a Data Scientist at Greylock Partners and his understanding data keynote aims to simplify analytics and explain we use it to live in our chaotic world.
using data to live in a chaotic world. There is a mammoth amount of data that exists in the world today, and while many non-mathematicians often perceive it simply as "noise," it plays a vital role in determining in the relevant variables in highly complex systems, which help people run their businesses and make decisions.

The most effective decisions require ample amounts of observation and data. According to Patil, there can never be enough observations, because this leads to more informed or calculated predictions. The most important takeaway of Patil's understanding data keynote is that nothing can be predicted to a degree of certainty, but more observation and information will help businesses make better decisions.