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Jeffrey Rosenthal Discusses the Chance in Daily Occurrences

 - Mar 7, 2012
References: probability & youtube
Jeffrey Rosenthal earned his PhD in mathematics from Harvard at just 24 years old. From there, he became a professor in the department of statistics at the University of Toronto. He is frequently cited by major media outlets, such as BBC, CBC and the Globe and Mail. Rosenthal has also written two high distributed textbook on probability theory.

Combining his skills as a math lover and improv comedy performer, Jeffrey Rosenthal discusses his book 'Struck by Lighting.' The guide has become a best-seller, providing insight on the probability of random occurrences. He argues that within every odd experience, there is in fact a pattern. If these patterns are recognized, they could be used to an advantage. He encourages the audience to pause on randomness, and reconsider the particular reason why such experiences are considered random.