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Louise Davis Langheier Explains the Importance of Decision Frameworks

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: captureyourflag & youtu.be
Louise Davis Langheier explains how decision frameworks help in building teen confidence. Decision frameworks give teens the right to make a decision that is their own. When given this privilege, teens are empowered and are given the framework to make the right decisions in their lives.

Lagheir explains how informed teens have better resistance against the pressure they face from adults and their peers. These teens are able to overcome the many obstacles they will come face to face with in their young lives.

Langheier ensures that when teens are given a chance, they feel confidence and emotional strength in knowing that they are responsible for their own actions and outcomes. Despite of being given more freedom, they are more likely to think about their actions, responsibly weighing pros and cons and considering the after-effects of consequences.