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Warren Littlefield’s Television Speech is Digital Focu

 - Oct 31, 2013
References: youtu.be
In his television speech, former network executive Warren Littlefield explores how the digital revolution and online media has changed the way the world consumes television.

He compares this to the phenomenon in the 1990s when a third of the United States would tune into NBC to watch an entire night’s worth of programming. Watching a network’s nightly line up brought people together and defined popular culture in many ways. People also tuned in so they would not be missing out and being excluded from the conversation the next day.

Today, the onslaught of social media has changed this conversation and made the television game a more competitive one. Players like Netflix are game changers, especially as Netflix introduced original content like ‘Orange is the New Black.’ Other important platforms to watch are AppleTV and YouTube.

He ends his brief television speech by saying as long as content creators can provide quality programming while keeping their costs relatively low, consumers will find them.