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Cal McAllister Covers Essential Rules in this Effective Marketing Keynote

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: worldchanging & youtube
Talking about what makes for a successful campaign in regards to spreading ideas, Cal McAllister discusses the three key points that an idea needs to have in this effective marketing keynote.

Ideas need to be simple. People are bombarded with roughly 400 messages daily from billboards, television commercials, Internet advertisement, etc., and the brain filters out an enormous amount of that information. If an idea is simple and has one major focus that someone can grab onto, it will make a longer impression than if it was cluttered with too much information.

Ideas also need to be repeatable. If a person can latch onto an idea and repeat to someone else with relative ease than it has a better chance of spreading throughout a large group of people. However, individuals won't feel like endorsing an idea unless it has a sense of pride to it, something that a person can feel proud about.