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Christy Tanner's Entertainment Speech Explores TV & Engagement

 - Oct 30, 2012
References: tvguide & youtube
Christy Tanner, General Manager and Executive Vice President, of and TVGuide Mobile delivers an insightful entertainment speech. She discusses the different ways technology and social media are transforming the entertainment experience. She identifies three emerging trends: the second screen as a truly mass market experience, an enormous increase in the ways people can watch their shows and lastly, the large number of shows to watch nowadays.

Over 70 percent of tablet and smartphone users use their second screen devices while watching a television show, and the majority are engaging in some form of social interaction relating to the show being watched. Users are either engaging with a show-specific app or participating in a dialogue on Twitter or Facebook.

Technology enhances the experience by enabling viewers to voice opinions and be heard by network execs, potentially saving the cancellation of a particular show. On the flip side, however, it can also provide spoilers and negative feedback. This entertainment speech offers an engaging dialogue on the impact of social media and the modern television experience.