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Kaley Klemp Says to Embrace Differences in Her Talk on Self Change

 - Nov 3, 2017
References: kaleyklemp & youtube
Kaley Klemp, a YPO Forum Facilitator, executive coach, and speaker, begins her talk on self change by considering the many occasions that someone might be told to adjust their behavior.

Despite how often people hear feedback like this, Klemp tells her audience that they should not take it to heart, and that at the core of every individual are qualities and flaws that make them who they are. Rather than trying to make these changes and fall short in the process, Klemp tells her audience that they should embrace the traits that make them different, and grow with them.

The moment that a person stops beating themselves up over being something that they're not, they can allocate that time to becoming the best version of themselves instead, by being aware of their actions, and appreciating the good that comes from their unique traits.