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In Her Talk on Stigma, Virgie Tovar Considers "Fatphobia"

 - Jul 25, 2017
References: virgietovar & youtube
Virgie Tovar, an activist and author who focuses much of her dialogue on the body positive movement, begins her talk on stigma by introducing the many different ways that "fat people" feel discriminated against in society.

The ways in which this discrimination affects people is diverse, and the growing weight loss industry that's constantly promoted only intensifies it. When she was little, Tovar states that she was proud of the excess weight that her body hosted, and would even go home and happily dance and wiggle. When she grew older however, Tovar noticed her body image took a drastic change, as a thin ideal was constantly pushed on her.

By considering her own experiences, as well as how society has impacted them, Tovar's talk on stigma shows how a bigoted society that promotes "fatphobia" is where the problem really lies. With her talk, she inspires her audience to love themselves for who they are, and to remind themselves that they should cast away the shame they feel, rather than the pounds.