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Wendy Perdon Draws from the Past in Her Talk on Protesting

 - Aug 17, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Wendy Perdon begins her talk on protesting by setting out her agenda, stating that she'll be considering how there's a right and wrong way to take part in such important showings, and that it's vital to ensure that those who choose to do so aren't putting themselves in danger.

Perdon continues by bringing up historical examples of important protests, and how they've affected the people involved. Most specifically, Perdon considers the role that garden gnomes had on a community who was opposed to their city's new developmental plans. As a result, she says that the locals began placing garden gnomes all over the area to hinder the city's plans, which eventually became a tourist attraction that's known as 'Gnomesville.' By diving into this example, Perdon abstractly shows how protesting can often have unexpected results, and that this is something to remember when attempting to make a statement.